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STEP 4: Testing and procedures

Test the interface and adjust internal procedures.

Testing and adjustment

  • For your business to be able to submit the information before the transport arrives at the border, we recommend that you to a test run to make sure you have access to all data points required before crossing the border.
  • If you need to inform other parties in your value chain about the requirements of Norwegian Customs, you can use this letter in English.

Testing of the notification and disclosure of Information APIs

Customs Norway has opened testing for the Notification and Disclosure of Information (MO) Road v2 and Air APIs. The test environments are open to system providers and others developing interfaces with the Digitoll APIs. The transition period from MO Road v1 to MO Road v2 lasts until December 1, 2023. Testing for the APIs for sea and rail will be made available when they are ready.

The program also offers meetings for verification of submissions in the APIs for system providers and businesses developing their own interfaces to the APIs. Before scheduling such a meeting, your own solution must be developed and tested internally. You will receive a description of the test cases in advance. Ahead of the meeting, requests must be ready for submission, so that the test and verification can be carried out quickly.

We encourage those who want to test multiple APIs to do so in the same meeting. For questions about testing or booking a test meeting, please contact to schedule the meeting.

Businesses using a system provider can arrange testing in their systems directly with the provider