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How Digitoll works

Digitoll implemented for all customs procedures

Digitoll has now been implemented – enabling digital processing of all customs procedures. You can submit a declaration through TVINN up to five days before crossing the border.

Where can I use Digitoll notification?

System support for digital submission and processing of notifications has been implemented for:

Road traffic

  • 9 November 2022
    • Svinesund
    • Ørje
  • October 2023
    • All customs offices open to road traffic


Digitoll will become available to goods vehicles (except bulk carriers):

  • 21 March 2023
    • Larvik
    • Oslo
    • Sandefjord
    • Langesund
    • Kristiansand
  • 2 May 2023
    • Stavanger
    • Bergen

Air cargo

Digitoll will become available to all air cargo:

  •  1 October 2023

Sea and rail

Digitoll will become available for all sea and rail traffic:

  • 30 June 2024


  • Digitoll for exports will be introduced in 2025 

Automated and efficient border crossings

Norwegian Customs uses the information for risk assessment purposes, which promotes a more automated and efficient border crossing process, because all necessary information has been submitted and processed by Norwegian Customs in advance.

If everything is in order, the driver does not have to stop at the border for processing.

If any information is missing, or if simple tasks are required (e.g. removing customs seals or finalizing EU exports), the driver can still expect the process to be completed much more quickly with Digitoll.

Businesses will have time to adjust to the changes

Norwegian Customs recommends that businesses connect to the Digitoll solution as soon as they are able. This will give them time to adjust their procedures and gather experiences from their own value chain from their own value chain.

New legislation – Movement of Goods Act and Customs Duty Act

Read more about the obligation of commercial actors here.