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STEP 5: User guide – submit data

You must have completed all the other steps before you are able to submit data.

Submission is only possible via a machine interface (API); it is not available in the manual browser solution. 

What to submit for Digitoll/notification

You must submit a notification with information related to the transport and a notification with information related to the consignments. The notifications are submitted separately and independent from each other – order and sender does not matter.  

When to submit

To ensure compliance with the notification obligation, the data must be submitted at the time of border crossing, at the latest. Norwegian Customs would prefer to get digital information about the goods and the transport as early as possible. Norwegian Customs may process declarations up to five days before border crossing. Submitting information in good time before crossing the border provides Norwegian Customs with ample opportunity to assess the information to ensure it can be processed in time to facilitate for efficient entry into the customs territory. 

Where to submit declarations in TVINN

  • Road: Digitoll declarations for road transport must be submitted to customs office:
    • 371002 Svinesund.
    • 372002 Ørje.
  • Ferry: Digitoll declarations for ferry transport must be submitted to customs office:
    • 441002.

When you receive your notification from Norwegian Customs that you have been registered as a Digitoll user, you will automatically have been granted access to these customs offices (see step 2).

Do you need more help?

Help for system supliers:

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Questions about Entry Summary Declaration from third countries:

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  • Telephone: +47 404 04 90.