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Industry and business collaboration

Digitalization means that Norwegian Customs and commercial actors must interact in new ways. This entails major changes for both sides, in the form of adjustments and adaptations of systems and processes.

We maintain close communication with business and industry, and together, we work to gain an understanding of how our changes will affect procedures, tasks and priorities in the individual businesses. Forwarders, carriers and anyone who imports or exports goods will need information on how digital customs will affect their processes.

If you have questions for Norwegian Customs, please contact us here or call us at 22 86 03 12.

Information for subcontractors/collaboration partners of Norwegian business

To support the conversion to Digitoll, the Norwegian Customs has designed a letter for the industry to be able to refer to a public document. Suppliers in Europe, who are used to sending the goods first and the information afterwards, must now be able to convey the correct information to the Norwegian companies. We hope that by sharing a link to the official letter from the Norwegian Customs we will explain to them the new requirements for declaration at the latest at border crossing.

We hope this will contribute to our success in reaching consignees, suppliers and transporters abroad and create progress in the work.

The letter is available in Norwegian and English:

Digitoll - Information fra Norwegian Customs

Digitoll - Informasjon fra Tolletaten (Norwegian)

The Norwegian Customs will share this information in international forums as well.