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Who should be using Digitoll?

With Digitoll, businesses can submit information prior to crossing the border.

Who will be using Digitoll/summary declaration from third countries/ICS2?

  • Anyone who processes and transports goods, including express and postal consignments as air cargo from third countries (which are countries outside the EU’s customs security zone) will be affected by ICS2.
  • 1 March 2024: Anyone who processes and transports goods from third countries by sea, road or rail must use ICS2 for summary declaration.

Who will be using Digitoll/notification?

  • Mandatory from early 2025: Digitoll/notification can be used by anyone who transports goods into Norway.
  • System providers that offer integration with Norwegian Customs’ API:
    • Emma
    • Systema
    • Maritech
  • You can also use proprietary software.
  • Conditions for using Digitoll
    • All consignments on the transport must be added to Digitoll/notification.

Who will be using Digitoll/declaration?

  • Digitoll/declaration must be used by all those who transport goods into Norway. The declaration is submitted, as before, in TVINN and NCTS at transit. Businesses must contend with two reporting paths: one in TVINN/NCTS and one in Digitoll.
  • You need not use this guide for declarations.