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Change log

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8/17/2018 Regulations to the Act on Customs Duties and Movement of Goods (Customs Regulations)
8/14/2018 Strategy
8/10/2018 List of Approved Exporters
8/7/2018 Storage and use of scanned proofs of origin
8/7/2018 SafeSeaNet Norway - Users Guide
8/3/2018 Travelling with endangered animal and plant species
8/1/2018 Contracting Parties to the TIR Convention
8/1/2018 TIR - Transports Internationaux Routiers
7/27/2018 List of Approved Exporters
7/24/2018 List of Approved Exporters
7/13/2018 Storskog Customs Office (E105)
7/13/2018 List of Approved Exporters
7/13/2018 Neiden Customs Office (Road 893)
7/13/2018 Helligskogen/ Kilpisjärvi Customs Office (E8)
7/13/2018 Polmak Customs Office (Road 895)
7/13/2018 Kirkenes Customs Office
7/13/2018 Ørje Customs Office (E18)
7/13/2018 Hammerfest Customs Office
7/13/2018 Tromsø Customs Office
7/12/2018 Contact us
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