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Change log

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7/3/2020 List of Approved Exporters
7/3/2020 Classification of goods
7/3/2020 The Customs Tariff
6/26/2020 Countries that are a part of the Norwegian GSP-system
6/22/2020 List of Approved Exporters
6/19/2020 NCTS – The Norwegian Customs’ electronic transit system
6/12/2020 List of Approved Exporters
6/8/2020 TIR - Transports Internationaux Routiers
6/5/2020 List of Approved Exporters
6/5/2020 Cosmetics
6/5/2020 Refund of customs duty and VAT
6/5/2020 Relief in the duty to notify about small aircraft etc. in traffic
6/5/2020 Bringing inherited objects to Norway
6/5/2020 Storing a foreign recreational boat in Norway
6/5/2020 The Act on Customs Duties and Movement of Goods
6/5/2020 Where is the package?
6/5/2020 Application for temporary storage of vessel
6/5/2020 Violation fee
6/5/2020 Calculation of Norwegian VAT
6/5/2020 The value limit
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