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Change log

When we make important changes to pages, they will be listed here.

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3/14/2018 Online shopping
3/14/2018 List of Approved Exporters
3/12/2018 Heavier motor vehicles – mandatory toll tag
3/9/2018 Travelling with medicines
3/8/2018 List of Approved Exporters
3/7/2018 Travelling with endangered animal and plant species
3/7/2018 Travelling with endangered animal and plant species
3/6/2018 Private import of alcohol
3/6/2018 This is how you obtain preferential treatment
3/2/2018 List of Approved Exporters
2/28/2018 Payment of customs duties and taxes
2/28/2018 Goods for technical and scientific use
2/28/2018 Damaged goods
2/28/2018 Goods for the representative missions of foreign powers and international organisations
2/28/2018 Furniture
2/28/2018 Dietary supplements
2/28/2018 Laser pointers
2/28/2018 Norwegian Customs on social media
2/28/2018 Buying white goods and electric products outside Norway
2/28/2018 Works of art and value added tax
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