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Change log

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2/22/2019 List of Approved Exporters
2/20/2019 Exporting cars and other vehicles
2/18/2019 Completing Movement Certificates EUR.1 and EUR-MED for export
2/15/2019 Travelling with pets to and from Norway
2/14/2019 List of Approved Exporters
2/12/2019 Requirements for preferential customs treatment
2/11/2019 List of Approved Exporters
2/8/2019 Customs and Trade Facilitation section (Gardermoen)
2/4/2019 Heavier motor vehicles – mandatory toll tag
2/4/2019 How to understand certain expressions in the Customs Tariff
2/4/2019 Find the right commodity code in the Customs Tariff
2/4/2019 Authorised Economic Operators
2/1/2019 List of Approved Exporters
1/29/2019 Household goods - import when moving to Norway
1/28/2019 Convention on origin
1/28/2019 List of Approved Exporters
1/23/2019 List of Approved Exporters
1/23/2019 Import of plants and seeds
1/17/2019 Value limits for declarations of origin
1/16/2019 Proof of origin
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