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Change log

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9/23/2020 List of Approved Exporters
9/23/2020 Countries that are a part of the Norwegian GSP-system
9/23/2020 Overview of rulings to detain counterfeited goods
9/22/2020 News about the Customs Tariff
9/21/2020 Processed agricultural products
9/18/2020 Convention on origin
9/16/2020 Goods for tourists
9/16/2020 A.T.A. Convention
9/11/2020 List of Approved Exporters
9/11/2020 Export of used vehicles - proof of origin
9/9/2020 Storskog Customs Office (E105)
9/4/2020 List of Approved Exporters
9/3/2020 National suppliers` declaration
9/3/2020 The direct transport rule and the principal of territoriality
9/3/2020 A free trade agreement does not cover all goods
9/3/2020 Requirements for preferential customs treatment
9/3/2020 Upcoming free trade agreements
9/3/2020 Agricultural machinery and tools
9/3/2020 Timber, lumber and wood packaging
9/3/2020 Use of codes for the import of live animals, foodstuffs, etc.
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