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Q and A about the Norwegian Customs app

Often asked questions about the Norwegian Customs app.

Note: An update of this article is pending. Please note that some terms and/or references may differ from the Movement of Goods Act and the Customs Duty Act that enters into force from the 1st of January 2023.
Frequently asked questions

The Norwegian Customs app is an official app made by the Norwegian Customs where you can check if your goods are within the legal quota, and where you can pay the taxes for goods over the quota. In addition to alcohol and tobacco, you can customs clear other goods up to and including a value of NOK 20,000 per person.   

The app can be downloaded on all tablets and smartphones with iOS or Android operative systems. You need to have iOS 11.0/Android 5.0 or higher to use the app. Search for "Customs app" or "KvoteAppen" on App Store / Google Play to download the app.

  1. Over the quota
    Here you may declare the goods exceeding the quota and pay the taxes for them. You can use this function if you know which goods you are bringing over the quota. You pay the taxes by adding a credit/debit card or using a mobile payment method (Vipps). When the payment is confirmed you receive a receipt and can pass in the green channel at the border when the receipt becomes valid.

  2. Not sure?
    Here you enter everything you are bringing and the app will calculate if you are within the quota or not. If your goods exceed the quota you can proceed and pay the taxes for the exceeding amount.

In addition you find information about terms and conditions and contact information for the Norwegian Customs etc. in the app.

You may declare your goods up to 48 hours in advance of crossing the border by adding the time and date of the crossing before paying. The receipt is valid for 2 hours from the set time.

You present the valid receipt in the app to the customs officer.  

When you pay using Vipps, it is important that you check that the app shows the receipt in "My receipts" after confirming the payment in Vipps. The payment has not been completed if you do not get a receipt, or if you receive an error, but the payment may be reserved by Vipps. The reservation will however be automatically released. If you do not receive a receipt in the app, you can try again until you receive a receipt or go through the red channel for customs clearance. If you check under "History" in the Vipps app, reserved payments will appear as "Approved". Completed payments will appear as "Money sent". Cancelled or rejected payments will appear as "Cancelled" or "Request rejected".

You know that the customs declaration is complete when you have got the receipt in the app.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough power to show your receipt at the border. If you are out of power, you must charge your phone so that the receipt can be read at border crossing.

Go through the red channel and contact Norwegian Customs.

You have to go through the red channel and declare the goods at the Customs office upon arrival. The taxes will be the same.

You may pass wherever you choose. This includes arrival by plane, ferry, train, bus, private boats, car etc.

Yes. The app is available in Norwegian (“Bokmål” and “Nynorsk”) and german. If you want to use the app in the Norwegian version or german you need to change the settings of your language on the phone 


The Norwegian Customs has not developed the app for Windows phones due to cost/benefit. The majority of phones in Norway use iOS or Android operative systems. We will however monitor the development of the Windows technology to assess whether it should be available for Windows phones in the future.

Due to high complexity in the calculation some sizes have been left out from the quota calculator. If you do not find your product in the quota calculator, you may use the "Over the quota" function where you can add other amounts above the quota.