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Fish quota when travelling from Norway

When travelling from Norway, you may bring up to 10 kilos of fish or fish products from own fishing.

If you have fished under the auspices of a registered tourist fishing camp, the export quota is a maximum of 20 kilos of fish or fish products, provided that the organized fishing can be documented.

The quota applies to all private individuals, including Norwegians travelling from Norway.

  • When leaving Norway you must transport the fish yourself upon departure.
  • You are not allowed to transport or carry fish for other people that are not travelling with you.
  • A trophy fish is considered as a part of the quota.
  • An export quota is valid for seven days, which means that you have to wait seven days before you can take a new export quota out of the country.
  • The quota includes fish and products such as fish fillets or similar.



  • Freshwater specie such as salmon, trout and Arctic char that you catch from your own fishing.
  • Fish that you have legally purchased from a trader in Norway (VAT paid) or
  • Fish from fishing vessels registered in the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries Register. You must be able to present either :
    • a receipt from a trader or equivalent, or
    • a contract note from the registered vessel signed by the shipmaster.

The value limit

Different rules apply if the value of all products, including fish and fish products exceeds the amount of NOK 5,000.

Read more about the export quota for tourists on the Directorate of Fisheries' website

If the Customs discover attempts to export fish or fish products exceeding the
maximum allowance, we will seize the goods and report the matter to the Police
with a request for confiscation.