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Fish quota when travelling from Norway

When travelling from Norway, you may bring up to 15 kilograms of fish or fish products from own fishing.

The 15 kilogram quota applies to all private individuals, including Norwegians travelling from Norway. The person travelling must transport the fish upon departure. The 15 kilogram limit does not apply to trout, salmon or Arctic char. There is no limit on the amount of these fish species you can export from Norway.

The value limit

Different rules apply if the value of all fish and fish products (including trout, salmon and Arctic char) exceeds NOK 5,000.

You may take more than the quota of 15 kilograms if

  • you can document that the products have been bought in Norway and you have paid VAT for them, or
  • the fish has been fished from a registered boat and you can document that you have been given the fish by the owner of the boat.

In addition to th export quota, you may bring a whole trophy fish.