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Fish quota when travelling from Norway

If you have fished under the auspices of a registered tourist fishing camp, the export quota is maximum 18 kilos of fish or fish products, provided that the organized fishing can be documented. You must have caught the fish yourself.


Note: An update of this article is pending. Please note that some terms and/or references may differ from the Movement of Goods Act and the Customs Duty Act that enters into force from the 1st of January 2023.

This quota applies to all private individuals, also Norwegians travelling from Norway.

  • When leaving Norway, you must transport the fish yourself on your departure
  • You are not allowed to transport or carry fish for other people that are not travelling with you
  • A trophy fish is considered as a part of the quota
  • You are allowed to export the export quota twice a year
  • The quota includes fish and products such as fish fillets or similar

Documentation requirements for the export of fish

As a fishing tourist, you have to document that you have been fishing under the auspices of a tourist fishing camp that are registered in the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries’ Register.

The Norwegian Customs accepts an invoice or equivalent identification documents for the stay issued to a named person in the travel group or to each individual. In addition, the document has to contain:

  • Name, address and VAT-number of the registered tourist fishing camp
  • Name of the individual bringing the fishing quota of maximum 18 kg
  • Date for the period of stay
  • The number of persons the stay applies to

The Norwegian Customs will also accept a printout of the amount of fish each individual tourist fisherman has reported to the registered tourist fishing camp they have caught. Such a printout must identify:

  • The registered tourist fishing camp
  • The name of the individual that has fished the quota
  • The amount of fish caught

You must print out the document before leaving Norway, and you must ensure that it is stamped and signed by the registered tourist fishing camp. The individuals listed in the document must be present when the fish is exported out of the country.


  • Freshwater species such as salmon, trout and Arctic char that you catch when fishing.
  • Fish that you have legally purchased from a trader in Norway (VAT paid) or
  • Fish from fishing vessels registered in the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries’ Register. You must be able to present either:
    • a receipt from a trader or equivalent, or
    • a contract note from the registered vessel signed by the shipmaster.

The value limit

Different rules apply if the value of all products, including fish and fish products exceeds the amount of NOK 5 000.

If Norwegian Customs discover attempts to export fish or fish products exceeding the maximum allowance, we will seize all the goods and report the matter to the Police with a request for confiscation.