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Handling the customs clearance yourself

If you want to handle customs clearance yourself, you must visit a customs office.

Normally, the shipping agent that transports the goods, such as Posten, will submit a customs declaration for the item on your behalf. The shipping agent will normally charge a clearance fee for this service.

You may avoid the clearance fee to the shipping agent if you handle the customs clearance yourself. However, this may yield little or no advantage, as experience shows that the shipping agent, in any case, will charge you for the storage and processing of the shipment. 

If you wish to handle the customs clearance yourself, you must notify the shipping agent to avoid that the shipping agent performs customs clearance automatically. You must enquire with the online store as to which shipping agent is transporting the item. 

More information on the customs clearance fee to the shipping agent

How to handle customs clearance yourself 

You can declear the item at a customs office. You will receive assistance with submitting the declaration for release for free circulation. The item must have arrived in Norway and be placed at a customs storage. You shall not bring the item with you as it shall be in the shipping agent's customs storage until cleared for free circulation. 

When you visit the customs office, you must provide:  

  • invoice (or receipt, bank statement or similar that shows the value) 

  • shipping documents (these may be obtained from the shipping agent that transported the item) 

  • an arrival notice indicating that the item is located ina customs storage (this can be obtained from the shipping agent/customs storage facility)