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Customs clearance fee

When purchasing products from abroad online, it is common to be charged with a customs clearance fee. However, this fee is not imposed by Norwegian Customs, it is charged by the shipping agent handling the delivery. 

The recipient is responsible for paying the customs clearance fee. This fee is separate from any shipping costs and is not related to whether the item is subject to customs duty.

The amount of the customs clearance fee can vary. To obtain precise pricing information, you should directly contact the shipping agent (often Posten).

Keep in mind that the customs clearance fee is an additional cost on top of shipping charges. Even if shipping costs have already been paid or are included in the item’s price, you must still pay the customs clearance fee.

Can I declare the goods myself to avoid the fee?

Yes, if you choose to declare the goods yourself, you can avoid the customs processing fee. However, it is essential to note that in many instances, the shipping agent may still impose a fee for storage and handling. This fee may be equivalent to the customs processing fee. For specific price information we recommend you to contact your shipping agent. The Norwegian Customs does not levy any fee for customs clearance.

Different names for the fees

Transporters and shipping agents may have different names for these types of fees such as "price for simplified customs clearance," "clearance fee," "customs clearance fee," "customs storage fee" or "handling fee". You must enquire with your shipping agent as to what is included in the various prices.