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Calculation of tolerance

When you must calculate how much third-country materials you can use, you must be familiar with the price/value of the materials. You must also be familiar with the price of the finished goods (ex factory price).

Note: An update of this article is pending. Please note that some terms and/or references may differ from the Movement of Goods Act and the Customs Duty Act that enters into force from the 1st of January 2023.

In order to calculate the part (weight/volume) of the third-country materials, you must be familiar with their price/value.

This can be done in several ways.

  1. You are familiar with the price per unit (for example, the customs value) and can link it directly to the "ex factory price" of the export product - the one-one principle.
  2. There is a contract price that applies for a certain period of time, for example, a minimum price plus a percentage. If you have multiple deliveries with different contract prices, which are included in the production of the export product, you can use a weighted average of these prices.If the raw material prices vary from one day to another, you can calculate an average price for a certain period of time. The calculation period should not exceed one month,
  3. Item 1 provides the best method of calculation, and you should use it whenever this is practically possible.

If you cannot use the one-one principle, you must consider other methods of calculation. The methods of calculation we have mentioned here are indeed the best ones.

You can use other methods of calculation in consultation with the Norwegian Customs Service if it is not possible to use the ones mentioned above.