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Support for the reading of the TVINN declaration barcode

The Norwegian Customs has updated the TVINN (customs clearance system) to accept the reading of barcodes, that comply with the ISO-128 standard, on declarations. This is for streamlining the process "Immediate release by import declaration" which aims to simplify all customs clearances made at the border.

All declarations containing barcodes that comply with ISO-128 can now be read at all customs offices.

The barcode must consist of the following declaration ID:

(declarant number - sequence date -sequence-number), see example:

TVINN declaration barcode

Many declarants/conveyors are currently presenting lists of customs declarations "Notification of pre-sent TVINN declaration" for the customs at the border. In order to simplify the processing of these lists at our customs clearance units, we recommend all declarants/conveyors to print ISO-128 barcodes on these lists, to simplify custom clearance at the border. For practical purposes we recommend placing the barcode close to the heading.