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Open data from the Norwegian Customs Service now available – TVINN and Customs Tariff first releases

Open data is about granting business and civil society access to data held by the public administration in a way that enables it to be easily used in new contexts by both people and machines.  

At present, we have 15 datasets available here. These are also available via the National Data Catalog. The sets are only available in norwegian.

The formats used for the datasets are XML and JSON. They are updated periodically and the datasets are verified on a daily basis to check for new updates. The data structure version it relates to is stated in the supplementary information.

This autumn, the TVINN datasets will be expanded to include datasets featuring error notifications in TVINN, valid customs units in TVINN and type instances for use when carrying out electronic calculations.

Our datasets are subject to a CC BY 4.0 licence.

The appendix provides examples of the CKAN API in use. This is a technical example of the use of the CKAN API to retrieve a resource from a dataset – in this case exchange rates.