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Requirements for pre-notification to and from the United Kingdom

In December 2020, the negotiations between United Kingdom and EU resulted in an agreement. This meant that Brexit came into force on 1 of January 2021 and the United Kingdom are now classified as a third country outside of the EU/EEA.

Northern Ireland (XI) will continue to be a part of the EU's security area. Pre-notification will not apply to shipments directly to or from Northern Ireland / XI.

From 1 of January 2021, goods that are transported directly to and from the United Kingdom shall be covered by an electronic pre-notification. This must be submitted electronically through the NCTS-system, and within the applicable deadlines. See Customs Regulations Sections 3-1-2 to 3-1-7.

A transit declaration in NCTS, which contains all the security data, can be used to fulfil the requirements provided that the deadlines are met.

The carrier is responsible for submitting declarations for all ingoing and outgoing pre-notifications. It is vital for companies that are currently unfamiliar with this scheme, and are going to transport goods to and from the UK, to familiarise themselves with the regulations and requirements for pre-notification.