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The role of the Norwegian Customs Service

The rules in Chapter 10 of the Movement of Goods Act, which regulate the customs authorities' detention of IPR goods, are enforcement rules, and they form part of the larger set of regulations on the protection of intellectual property rights.   

The role of Norwegian Customs is to identify, detain and give notice of possible infringements of a rightsholder's intellectual property rights - both in connection with imports and exports. Norwegian Customs has a duty to inspect and detain goods when the goods infringe intellectual property rights and a preliminary court order or a decision on assistance has been issued.  

Norwegian Customs acts in the interest of the rightsholder, and our role as a protector of the public interest is to detain the goods pending a decision in the case. 

Norwegian Customs has an important role in relation to key collaborating actors, including the Norwegian Industrial Property Office , which is a centre of competence for intellectual property rights and assets.