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Technical information

Norwegian Customs will offer standardized machine-to-machine services (APIs), which all parties must use to submit digital information prior to or at crossing the border. Declarations must still be submitted through TVINN.

Digital submission of notice and information data for road cargo goes live at Ørje and Svinesund from November 2022. If you have not used this solution before, but would like to start, please contact us here.

Information about the notice and information disclosure service

  • The World Customs Organization's (WCO) data model and the EU Customs Datamodel (EUCDM) provide some of the framework conditions for our data model.

  • Transport information and cargo information are submitted separately, and may be submitted by different parties. In other words, cargo information for the same mode of transport may be submitted by several different parties.

  • The transport information must include a tracking key for the cargo information.

  • In principle, all information may be changed up to the border crossing – but we cannot guarantee that the data processing is completed if changes are made close to the border crossing.

  • The services will be available as REST services over HTTP, with data in JSON format.

  • Technical information

Information about ICS2

Technical information about the API solution for ICS2 . We recommend getting started as soon as possible. Norwegian Customs are happy to provide information about software development and testing.