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Norwegian Customs adopted a new overall strategy in June 2017. Our vision is: Valuable public protection.

Director General's foreword

The flow of goods in and out of Norway is growing in size and complexity. This trend, underpinned by fast-paced technological innovation, creates both challenges and opportunities for customs agencies striving to maintain effective and deterring border management.

With new technologies, data systems and information flows, we now have access to a wealth of data hardly imaginable just a few decades ago. We must seek to realise the potential of these data in order to improve our mission performance. Going forward, investments in new technology will make our internal processes more efficient and our controls more targeted.

Our enforcement efforts represent a vital contribution to Norway's public security. We carry out controls on behalf of more than 30 public agencies – each with comprehensive and different regulations. As such, our new strategy seeks to build upon and improve relationships and cooperation with our partners.

Beyond public security, Norwegian Customs contributes to the funding of public services. We monitor and register the flow of goods in order to ensure the correct basis for collection of taxes and tariffs. Furthermore, we aim to facilitate efficient and convenient customs procedures and services for both businesses and travellers. Taken together, this adds strength to our economy and improves private sector competitiveness.

Our primary goal is to provide efficient and cost-effective customs processes while maintaining the necessary level of control – i.e. without weakening our ability to protect society from harmful and illegal goods. In order to achieve this goal, we will work closely together with businesses, citizens, national and international partners towards developing our organisation for the future.

Mission statement

Norwegian Customs protects society against illegal and restricted goods, and contribute to government revenue through establishing the correct basis for collection of taxes and tariffs. We record and control the flow of goods, and ensure adherence to laws and regulations when goods are imported and exported. In effect, we protect legitimate businesses and jobs against competition from fraudulent and illegal practices.

We ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to customs and the movement of goods, as well as several other regulatory frameworks. This includes regulations for taxes and tariffs, and legislation associated with narcotics, alcohol, drugs, weapons, dangerous substances, waste, foodstuffs, animals, the environment and intellectual property rights. We also contribute to fulfilling Norway's international obligations relating to the flow of goods in and out of the country.

Norwegian Customs works to provide efficient and simple solutions for customs clearance, so that goods are able to cross the border as effectively as possible – in full compliance with laws and regulations.


Norwegian Customs will carry out its mission to protect society in a way that strengthens value creation in the national economy, by contributing to equal conditions of competition for law-abiding businesses and efficient utilisation of public resources.

Therefore, our vision is:

Valuable public protection

Focus areas and strategies

Compliance made easy

We have effective procedures, modernised regulations and utilise technological opportunities. Digital solutions make us available to all our users around the clock, year round. User-friendly services provide relevant guidance and effective communication. Norwegian Customs is the primary point of contact for both the public and businesses relating to all border-crossing movement of goods.

To achieve this, we will:

  • establish new, differentiated and more efficient customs procedures for businesses
  • improve regulatory frameworks
  • digitalise information flows
  • expand and develop digital self-service, expedition and guidance
  • strengthen our role as coordinator for goods crossing the border


Comprehensive evaluation, targeted control

We have deep knowledge about users, goods and threats thanks to our highly skilled officers, effective sharing of information and smart intelligence. This knowledge provides the basis for risk-based application of measures and targeted object selection. Customs procedures and modes of control are tailored to fit different types of goods and varying levels of compliance. Our operational assets maintain a flexible presence, with modern control facilities and equipment.

To achieve this, we will:

  • build intelligence capabilities that facilitate targeted and accurate object selection
  • increase incentives for compliance through physical and digital presence and control
  • strengthen operational capacity through flexible resource deployment, adaptive control measures and new technology
  • improve data collection and develop methodology to evaluate all streams of goods
  • conduct controls at appropriate stages in the movement of goods


Built for the future

As an organisation, we take advantage of new opportunities and adapt to the needs of a fast-changing society. Our leaders take initiative, lead by example and promote a culture of continuous improvement. Flexible organisation, lean processes and collaboration promote efficient provision of services. As an attractive employer, we ensure that our employees have the right skills, with opportunities for professional development in a safe and stimulating working environment. Our level of digitalisation is high and we develop user-friendly and collaborative solutions.

To achieve this, we will:

  • ensure that our leaders, employees, organisation and culture promote positive effects in society
  • automate processes and utilise new technology
  • free up resources through rationalisation in order to improve services and controls
  • secure the proper competence needed in the many different roles throughout our organisation