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Change log

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6/23/2017 List of Approved Exporters
6/12/2017 List of Approved Exporters
5/16/2017 The Management team
5/16/2017 Bodø Customs Office
5/9/2017 Authorised Economic Operators
4/27/2017 The Management team
4/11/2017 Import of recreational boats
4/10/2017 GSP - Generalized System of Preference
4/4/2017 Travelling with medicines
3/20/2017 NUF – Foreign companies registered in Norway
3/20/2017 Strategic goods and defence equipment
3/20/2017 Commercial import of weapons
3/20/2017 Exporting weapons
3/20/2017 Import of weapons for individuals
3/15/2017 Opening hours during holidays
3/10/2017 Travelling with endangered animal and plant species
3/8/2017 Customs declaration overview
3/1/2017 Réglementation douanière pour les voyageurs entrant ou sortant de Norvège
2/27/2017 The Registered Exporter system (the REX system)
2/24/2017 Importing foodstuffs
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