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10/27/2016 The direct transport rule and the principal of territoriality
10/27/2016 Repayment of duties
10/27/2016 Two types of proof of origin
10/27/2016 How to obtain preferential treatment
10/27/2016 A free trade agreement does not cover all goods
10/27/2016 Duty-free status or lower duties when exporting to other countries
10/20/2016 Approved Exporters
10/3/2016 Classification of goods
10/3/2016 Find the correct commodity code in the Customs Tariff
9/1/2016 The Management team
8/25/2016 Junkerdal Customs Office (Road 77)
8/19/2016 Approved Exporters
7/27/2016 Regulations to the Act on Customs Duties and Movement of Goods (Customs Regulations)
7/27/2016 The Act on Customs Duties and Movement of Goods
6/15/2016 Approved Exporters
6/1/2016 Customs and Trade Facilitation section (Schweigaards gate)
5/31/2016 Authorised Economic Operators
5/19/2016 Drammen Customs Office
5/19/2016 Sandefjord Customs Office
5/19/2016 Grenland Customs Office
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