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Foreign VAT

Items you buy online often include foreign VAT. The rules in the country of purchase determine whether you may have this reimbursed.

The rules on VAT on purchases from online stores vary from country to country, also within the EU. Some stores are permitted to sell without VAT when items are shipped directly to countries outside the EU. You must check with the online store what applies to them.

When you clear the item in Norway, you have to pay Norwegian VAT on the entire purchase price. This means that if you have paid VAT in the country of origin, this amount must be included in the calculation of Norwegian VAT.

There are arrangements abroad that provide the opportunity to have foreign VAT reimbursed in arrears. If foreign VAT is refunded, you may also apply to Norwegian Customs to have Norwegian VAT on this amount reimbursed.

Norwegian Customs does not reimburse amounts below NOK 100.

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