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Exporting cars and other vehicles

On this page you will find information on how to proceed when exporting a vehicle, for example after selling a vehicle or exporting your vehicle out of Norway when permanently relocating to another country. 

Note that in the case of relocation, there is no requirement to submit a moving notification prior to declaration. ("Flyttemelding" in Norwegian). If you have reported to the Norwegian Tax Administration that you are moving from Norway, you must apply for a TRK-number before you present the vehicle at the border crossing. Information on applying for a TRK may be found here: Søknadsinformasjon finner du her

1. If the value of the vehicle exceeds 5000 NOK 

If the value of the vehicle exceeds 5000 NOK, you must declare the vehicle for exportation to the Norwegian Customs. You will be issued a declaration form at one of our customs offices. Alternatively, you may contact a freight forwarder to assist you with the declaration. 

The declaration must include information about the vehicle's value in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). You must, upon request from the Norwegian Customs, document the vehicle's value at the time of export. Moreover, you are obligated to provide accurate and complete information. Please note that any deduction of taxes or fees given by the Norwegian Tax Administration should not be deducted from the vehicle's value. 

You must bring:  

  • The original registration showing that the vehicle is registered in your name  
  • Personal ID  
  • If required, permission from other authorities (see below)  
  • In addition, you must provide the following documentation based on the purpose of the exportation:
    • Sale: An invoice or sales contract showing the purchase price of the vehicle. 
    • Relocation: A valuation or appraisal indicating the value of the vehicle.  
    • Ordinary export: A valuation or appraisal indicating the value of the vehicle.  


2. Possible additional requirements for exportation  

Is the vehicle considered as waste?  

  If you are exporting a vehicle that may be considered waste/wreckage (vehicle does not pass the Mandatory roadworthiness test), you will find more information regarding this on the Norwegian Environment Agency's website.  

Is the vehicle produced before 1950?  

If you are exporting a vehicle manufactured before 1950, it may be considered a part of cultural heritage. In such cases, you must contact the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in case an export permit is required (Norwegian) 

Military vehicles?  
If you are exporting a military vehicle, you must inquire with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs whether you need an export license.  

3. EUR.1 

If the vehicle meets the requirements for preferential tariff duty under a free trade agreement, you must document this with a certificate of origin or EUR.1. Application information for an EUR.1 may be found here: Export of used vehicles - proof of origin - Norwegian Customs ( There are specific regulations concerning the authorization of an EUR.1 for a used motor vehicle. 


4. If the value of the vehicle does not exceed 5000 NOK 

As a general rule, you are not required to declare the vehicle for exportation to the Norwegian Customs if its value does not exceed 5000 NOK. Notwithstanding the vehicle's value, you must declare it if it is considered:  

  • Waste/wreckage 
  • Produced before 1950  
  • Considered a military vehicle  

See above for information on where to issue the export declaration and what documents to bring. 

5. Different types of license plates  

  • Norwegian temporary license plates: These may be used in some countries. Contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for information: Order temporary number plates | Statens vegvesen.  
  • Norwegian plates: If you are exporting a vehicle with Norwegian plates, you must contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for information on how to deregister the vehicle at a later time. More information may be found on their websites: De- and re-registration | Statens vegvesen.  
  • Export plates (special registration): Such plates are mainly issued for new cars. The police issue export plates, and you must contact them for further information.  

6. When crossing the border  

You must stop at the border and present the export declaration to Norwegian Customs. If an export declaration has not already been filled out at one of our customs offices, it may be issued at the border, either by Norwegian Customs or a freight forwarder.  

If you have already reported your permanent relocation to the Norwegian Tax Administration, you must also have applied for a TRK number in advance.  

An overview of customs offices and their opening hours may be found here: All Customs offices - Norwegian Customs ( 

Norwegian Customs does not certify (stamp) export declarations retrospectively   

If your export declaration was not certified (stamped) by Customs at the time of export, Customs cannot certify this retrospectively. The certification is only given at the time of exportation. This is a confirmation from the Customs that the goods are exported from Norway at the time of certification.  

If you have not ensured this certification at the time of export, the Norwegian Customs has in effect been deprived of the possibility of physical control of the vehicle. As such, we cannot confirm that the vehicle named in the export declaration in fact has been exported from Norway.  

7. Refund of Norwegian taxes/fees  

In certain cases, you may be eligible for a refund of the one-time vehicle registration fee. This only applies to vehicles that was registered in Norway on the 26th of June 2014 or later. This fee should not be deducted from the statistical value of the vehicle provided in the export declaration.  

More information regarding this may be found on the Norwegian Tax Administration websites: Export a car, motorcycle or other vehicle - The Norwegian Tax Administration (  

It is the Norwegian Tax Administration that processes applications for partial refunds according to «Forskrift om engangsavgiftpåmotorvogner» Section 7-3.  

This is a matter between you and the Tax Administration.  

We remind you that you must check with the customs authorities in the country of importation regarding the applicable regulations and the required documentation.