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[Expired]Form for re-calculation in Altinn for businesses

From 1 April, Norwegian Customs will return received email or paper applications with a message to apply via Altinn.

For nearly three months, businesses that are not permitted to use electronic re-calculation in TVINN, have been able to use the form in Altinn to correct import and export declarations.

How the new form works

  • Businesses or their representatives complete the form for re-calculation in Altinn.
  • The applicant selects the reason for re-calculation/correction and is instructed to attach recommended documentation for case processing.
  • The applicant submits a completed application and all necessary documentation from Altinn to Norwegian Customs.
  • The contents and attachments in the application are automatically registered in Norwegian Customs' case processing system.
  • The applicant will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt for the application, sent to the email address provided in the form.

One form may cover multiple declarations if they concern the same business and the same reason.

Who can use the form

All exporters, importers and their representatives (carriers/freight forwarders etc.) may use the form to correct import and export declarations. Businesses that are permitted to use electronic re-calculation shall do this themselves in TVINN, as before.

Role requirements in Altinn: Accounting employee

The form does not apply to:

  • Drawback of excise in case of re-exportation
  • Drawback of excise in case of duty-free use
  • Drawback of VAT in case of re-exportation to companies that are not registered for VAT.

If a business wishes to receive a refund in the above-mentioned circumstances, they must contact the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Private individuals may not use the new form. They may apply via this form for refunds at Altinn (in Norwegian).

More information

Read more about re-calculation

User instructions on how to complete the form at are also available there.