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Return or exchange of goods

If an item that was previously cleared in Norway is returned overseas due to return or exchange, you may apply to have the fees refunded.

If you paid customs duties on the goods when importing them, you may apply the Norwegian Customs to reimburse the customs duties. (Example of items that may have customs duties are clothes (textiles).

In order to recover VAT and any other taxes, you must apply the Norwegian Tax Administration. Read more on the Norwegian Tax Administration website

Reimbursement of the customs duties

In order to obtain a refund of customs duties in the case of return or exchange of goods purchased online, you have to be able to document that the goods are cleared in Norway and have been returned. You have to make an agreement with the seller that he accepts the return.

You may have the custom duties refunded if

  • the seller gives you a new product in exchange and you clear this into Norway or
  • the seller agrees to cancel the purchase.

Information included in the application


You must submit the application to Norwegian Customs. The following information and documentation must be included:


  • Your name and address
  • A brief explanation of why you are seeking refund
  • A copy of the invoice used in the declaration
  • Import declaration that shows that the goods have completed customs clearance. If you have not received such a declaration, the shipping agent that performed customs clearance can provide you with a copy. If the goods have undergone customs clearance in a collective customs clearance procedure, the shipping agent can  provide you with the necessary documentation on the customs clearance
  • Copy of the invoice(s) used for customs clearance
  • Documentation confirming that the goods have been shipped from Norway (for example, a receipt from the post office or other shipper)
  • Documentation from the seller confirming that your money will be refunded (for example, bank statement or credit note), or that you will receive a new product that will be cleared in to Norway and payed taxes for.
  • Your bank account number (for refund)

Norwegian Customs will make a comprehensive assessment of your application and associated documentation to determine whether the fees are refunded.

Norwegian Customs does not reimburse

  • amounts of less than NOK 100
  • clearance fees to Posten other shipping agents

How do you send the application?


You must send the application to the customs region where you reside. You may send the application as ordinary post or by e-mail. If you send it by e-mail, you must scan the documentation and attach it to the e-mail.

Contact information



In order to recover customs duties, the item must be returned no later than two years after import. Norwegian Customs may by application extend this deadline in special circumstances. An application for a refund of customs duties must be received by Norwegian Customs no later than one year after the item has been returned. This deadline may not be extended.

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