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Travel out of Norway with firearms

If you intend to travel with firearm(s) to another EEA country, you can apply for a European Firearms Pass. If you are travelling outside the EEA, you must submit a declaration (a temporary exportlicence) to Norwegian Customs at the border.

Note: An update of this article is pending. Please note that some terms and/or references may differ from the Movement of Goods Act and the Customs Duty Act that enters into force from the 1st of January 2023.

For temporary export of firearms – for example, in connection with hunting or competition abroad - you must, as a general rule, submit a customs export declaration for the firearm(s) before crossing the border out of Norway.

Firearms Pass if travelling within the EU/EEA

The customs declaration requirement does not apply if:

  • you have a valid European Firearms Pass for the firearm(s), and
  • the firearm(s) will be temporary exported for less than three months,      and
  • you are travelling within the EU/EEA.

To obtain a Firearm Pass - contact the police.

If you have a valid European Firearms Pass, you do not need to declare the firearm(s) to Norwegian Customs when leaving and entering Norway. This means you may use the green channel.

Travel to Sweden with firearms

The Swedish customs authorities have a registration scheme for the temporary import of firearms into Sweden. You can register the firearm online at the Swedish customs’ website or at a Swedish customs office. You should also check the Swedish regulations regarding the import of certain weapon components like a silencer/suppressor or a telescopic sight.

The export of silencers/suppressors from Norway may also be subject to regulations.

For more information, check

If you do not have a Firearms Pass or are travelling outside the EEA

If you do not have a valid European Firearms Pass or are travelling to a country outside the EEA, you must declare the firearm(s) to Norwegian Customs upon leaving and entering the country. You can submit a declaration for one trip, valid for up to one year.

You must complete the declaration in duplicate. When leaving Norway, you must use the red channel and submit your declaration to Norwegian Customs. Norwegian Customs will take one copy. You must submit the second copy to Norwegian Customs when you return to Norway.

melding-om-midlertidig-utforsel-uten-vapenpass.pdfDeclaration concerning the temporary export (a temporary exportlicence) of a firearm (only in Norwegian)

Firearms card

Remember to carry your firearms card when travelling with firearms. The firearms card shows that you are the legal owner of the firearm.

erklaring-om-midlertidig-utforsel-av-skytevapen.pdfRead more about travelling with firearms and apply for a firearms pass at the Norwegian police’s website  (only in Norwegian).

Travel with a borrowed firearm

For questions concerning travelling to or from Norway with a Firearm that you have borrowed from others, please contact the police on phone 0 28 00 or visit for more information.

Moving abroad

If you move abroad and want to take your firearm(s), parts thereof, or ammunition, you must obtain a permit from the police to export these from Norway.

Check the regulations of the country you are travelling to

Remember to check the regulations that apply in the country you are travelling to. You should make sure that the European Firearms Pass is sufficient, or whether national schemes also apply to you.

Crossing the border with firearms, parts thereof, and ammunition

When you cross the border with firearms, parts thereof, and ammunition, you should – as a general rule - present the firearms and documentation to the Norwegian Customs for inspection. 

Use the red channel


If you have a valid permit from the police for importing or exporting a firearm


Use the red channel


If you have purchased a firearm abroad, regardless of whether it is within or exceeds the value limit.


Exceptions:Use the green channel


If you have a valid European weapons pass and are travelling within the EU/EEA


Norwegian Customs may seize firearms revealed during green channel inspections even if the permit is in order. The only exception is if you are travelling with a valid european weapons pass.

Contact the police

The police are responsible for the regulations regarding the import and export of firearms, parts thereof, and ammunition. Contact the police by calling +47 0 28 00 or visiting

Regulations and guidelines

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