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Export of strategic goods, defence-related products, dual use items, technology and services

In order to export strategic goods, defence equipment, and goods for dual use, you must have a licence issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The export of defence equipment, goods for dual use, and strategic goods is regulated by the eksportkontroll-loven-eng-nov-05.pdfExport Control Act .

Export control means that you cannot export certain goods, technologies, or services without having an export licence issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This applies to defence equipment listed in List I.

You also require a licence if you intend to export civilian goods, technologies, and services that have the potential for military use (dual use) as listed in List II.

List I and List II are based on multilateral export control co-operation that Norway is part of, and comply with the scope of goods that are export regulated under EU legislation in this area.

Read more about export controls on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website