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Exporting firearms

The Norwegian Firearms Act or Export Control Act regulates the export of firearms, parts thereof, and ammunition. The act that applies depends on the type of export.

Note: An update of this article is pending. Please note that some terms and/or references may differ from the Movement of Goods Act and the Customs Duty Act that enters into force from the 1st of January 2023.

Crossing the border with weapons, parts thereof, and ammunition

When you cross a border with weapons, parts thereof, and ammunition, under the general rule you must present the weapons and documentation to Norwegian Customs for inspection.

Use the red channel If you have a valid permit from the police for importing or exporting a weapon
Use the red channel If you have purchased a weapon abroad, regardless of whether it is within or exceeds the value limit.
Use the green channel
If you have a valid weapons pass and are travelling within the EU/EEA.

Norwegian Customs can and will seize weapons found during green channel inspections even if the permit is in order. The only exception is if you are travelling with a valid weapons pass.

The police are responsible for the Norwegian Firearms Act, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the Export Control Act.

As a rule, we distinguish between commercial and private export.

Commercial export

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ rules apply to the commercial export of firearms, parts thereof, and ammunition. (An example of commercial export is when registered firearms traders sell firearms outside of Norway.)

The rules also apply to exports relating to private sale abroad. A government export licence is required for the export of firearms covered by this legislation. For more information, check

Note the exception in § 8 c of the export control regulations regarding the export of firearms, parts thereof, and ammunition exported in accordance with section five of the regulation on firearms (in Norwegian).

See also: Strategic goods and defence equipment

Private export

The regulation on firearms applies to the private export of firearms, parts thereof, and ammunition.

Regulation on firearms (in Norwegian)

If the export is permanent, through sale or gift, you must have a permit from the chief of police. More information is available at (in Norwegian)

If you intend to export the firearms temporarily, such as in connection with a hunt or competition, other rules apply, see: Travelling with firearms