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You cannot export waste without fulfilling certain requirements.

To ensure that consignments with waste are handled properly, and thus prevent any negative health or environmental consequences, international regulations have been established. In Norway, these regulations have been incorporated into Chapter 13 of the Waste Regulations. 

It is the Norwegian Environment Agency that is responsible for the follow-up and control of the exportation of waste in cooperation with Norwegian Customs, among others. 

Waste transports that are sent from one country to another country shall always be accompanied by documentation in accordance with the national legislation. 

Waste or product? 

It may be difficult to determine whether goods are a product or waste. It is not possible to give any clear criteria as a basis for the assessment, but the Norwegian Environment Agency can provide general guidance. For control and supervision, you must be able to document the classification yourself. 

The general rule is that if you have an object that is inactive or unusable and you have planned to discard the object, then it is waste. 

If you are in doubt, you can contact the Norwegian Environment Agency for more detailed guidance.