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Storing a foreign recreational boat in Norway

Foreign boat owners who visit Norway can leave their boat for up to six weeks. If you wish to store your boat for longer periods, you must apply to Norwegian Customs.  

You can find more information in Section 4-6-8 in this link: 

Leaving the boat for up to six weeks 

You can leave a foreign boat in Norway for up to six weeks during a period of 12 months without having to apply for permission to Norwegian Customs. In this case the boat cannot be used by others during the period. 

Storing a boat for up to two years 

If you want to leave the boat for longer than six weeks, you have to apply to Norwegian Customs for permission on a separate form before you leave the country. In total, a boat may be used and stored in Norway for two consecutive years from the date of importation. Initially you apply to leave the boat for one year from the time it entered the country. If you need to leave the boat for longer, you may apply to Norwegian Customs to store the boat for longer until you reach the two-year limit. Such an application must be submitted to Norwegian Customs before the original deadline expires. A boat that is left in Norway may not be used by others. 

The application form must be sent to Movement of Goods Division.