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Importation of nicotine- and tobacco products for personal use

There are strict rules for the private import of tobacco products, tobacco substitutes, fruit tobacco and other tobacco and nicotine-containing products, in consignments. Private import means the import of products for personal use.  

Requirements for importation: 

  • Cigarettes, rolling tobacco, and snus must have standardized packaging with a list of contents. 

  • The products must be labelled with Norwegian health warning. 

It is prohibited to import: 

  • New forms of tobacco and products containing nicotine that are not approved for import or sale in Norway. Examples of new products without approval are nicotine snuff (without tobacco), Heated Tobacco Products (HTP) / Iqos with Heets sticks and hookah tobacco. 

  • Cases, boxes, covers, wrappings, and any other product intended to partially or fully hide or obscure the health warnings on the products. 

  • Tobacco products for resale without a licence from The Norwegian Directorate of Health.

It is allowed to import: 

  • Herbal mixtures without tobacco and nicotine content,for use in hookah/water pipes. 

  • Snuff without tobacco and nicotine content. 

All tobacco and nicotine products in consignment are subject to tax. When declaring for the procedure for release for free circulation, you must pay special taxes and value added tax. If you import products contrary to the regulations, the Customscan detain, seize, and destroy the goods. You can find more information about tobacco here: The Norwegian Directorate of Health.