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EORI number and ICS2

If you shall enter a pre-notification to EU you will need a EORI number. If you only are the consignee, you do not need a EORI number. 

The EORI number (Economic Operator Registration and Identification number) is a unique identity number (customer number) from the Customs authorities in the EU. It starts with the country code for the EU-country that has assigned this. The rest is a number which is unique to this EU-country.

Who needs an EORI number?

Are you an economical operator that transports goods from a third country and into the EU security zone, you need to notify in advance through the EU information system ICS2 (Import Control System version 2). To access the system, you need to be registered with an EORI number. In the context of ICS2, it is the carrier who is responsible for submitting advance notice to the EU, not the consignee.

How to get an EORI number

EORI is not used in Norway. Instead, Norwegian and foreign companies have either an organisation number or a company number that identifies the company in their communication with Norwegian Custom. 

As stated above, it is only companies that directly exchange information electronically with the Customs authorities in the EU that needs and EORI number for identification purposes. If these companies are not situated in EU, they may apply the Customs authorities in any EU country for a EORI number. We often refer Norwegian companies to Customs Sweden. Swedish customs have webpages with information on how to proceed in exchanging messages with EU and comments on their Common Repository (CR). 

Further, you will need to order a security certificate. You may only get this certificate from approved providers listed at LOTL (List of Trusted Lists). 

You may read more about EORI numbers on the website of the European Commission.

Please note that currently, ICS2 is implemented for postal operators and air cargo. Sea, road and train transport will be implemented in ICS2 in 2024. 


Shipments directly to or from EU 

If your company just import goods from EU or export goods to EU, you do not need an EORI number. In such cases, it is not your Norwegian company, but the importer/exporter in EU who is exchanging electronic information with the Customs authorities in EU, either directly themselves or by a customs agent.


We get a number of questions regarding EORI number. Here we have collected the most common questions we have received.

Questions Answers
We are an American company and need EORI numbers for all Norwegian customers Norwegian companies are not obliged to register with an EORI number when they are only the recipient of a consignment.
We have a subsidiary in Germany and therefore need and EORI number. You only need and EORI number in cases where you are established in an EU country, or if you are a Norwegian company that sends advanced notifications. In this case, your subsidiary will register for EORI in Germany.
We have been told by our supplier that we must have an EORI number, do we need it? If you are to be responsible for submitting electronic messages to the EU, you need an EORI number. If you are only a recipient, you do not need an EORI number. 
How do I get my business registered with an EORI number? You may contact the country to which you will first send an advanced notification. If you don't know this yet, the application may be sent to any EU country. 
Are there changes to the requirements for an EORI number from 1 March 2023? There are no changes in requirements for EORI from this date, but advance notification of airfreight, was implemented on this date. Those submitting advanced notifications need an EORI number. 
Our supplier in China has requested our EORI number. We never needed that before, do we need it now? If you are only the recipient of the goods and will not submit an electronic notification in advance, you do not need and EORI number. You will, however, need to be registered with an organisation number in Norway.
I can't find anywhere where I can apply for an EORI number. You cannot apply for this in Norway, but you may apply to any EU country. For example, the Swedish Customs Administration's website.