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Journal of observations - user guidance for forms on

Customs warehouse keepers shall use Altinn when notifying Norwegian Customs of discrepancies between the freight documents and the goods that are to be placed in a customs warehouse.

We encourage you to complete the entire form in Altinn.

In cases where registering shortage/surplus in this manner will cause significant inconvenience, the journal of observations (form RD-0008 B) may be uploaded as an attachment in Altinn.

Submission of journal of observations via Altinn shall not be used when submitting unloading remarks in NCTS - except for emergency procedure.

Submission of journal of observations is a duty imposed on customs warehouse keepers, cf. the Norwegian Customs Act Section 4-30 cf. the Norwegian Customs Regulations Section 4-30-4.

In practice, the solution works as follows:

  1. The customs warehouse keeper (or their representative) logs in to Altinn and opens the form 'journal of observations'
  2. Enters the required information, inspects, approves and submits the form in Altinn.
  3. The customs warehouse keeper receives a confirmation that the form has been submitted in Altinn.
  4. The form is generated directly in Norwegian Customs' archive system and placed under the journal of observations case of the customs warehouse keeper concerned.
  5. No confirmation of receipt of the case by Norwegian Customs will be issued. This is because journals of observations do not require any case processing.

Breaches of the Norwegian Customs Act – sanctions

Failure to submit a journal of observations pursuant to the Norwegian Customs Regulations Section 4-30-4 (3) b is considered a breach of the customs warehouse keeper's obligations and may be penalised as follows

  • Non-compliance penalty, cf. the Norwegian Customs Act Section 16-17 (1) (b).
  • If the established conditions are not adhered to or the customs warehouse keeper is otherwise guilty of misuse, the permission may be suspended or revoked, cf. the Norwegian Customs Act Section 4-30 (2).
  • Go to journal of observations in Altinn

In case of questions, email