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Abbreviations and symbols

AC alternating current
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
a.v. of the value
bar unit for presure, 1 bar = 100 kPa (105 Pa)
Bq or curie unit for radiation (becquerel and ci - including mikrocurie µCi, respectively)
desitex (see tex)
dyn/cm dyn per centimeter (se newton)
ehk effective horsepower
barrel 1 barrel= 158,987dm3 (liter)
yield point (limit) the tension, at which a material becomes "liquid" (tension per square unit)
Hz hertz (unit for frequency)(khz = kilohertz)
carat 1 carat= 0,200 grams
kcal kilocalorie(s)
Kelvin unit for thermodynamc temperature og difference in temperatures (0°C=273,15°K)
kgf kilogram force (unit for power)
kVA kilovolt amperes (kvar = kilovolt - amperes - reactive)
square foot 1 square foot = 0,0929 m2
L. Linné (Linné-taxonomy)
M mega
m- meta-
micron 0,001 mm
Mullen name of a special apparatus for measuring the burst strength of paper
N newton (unit for power) (1N=1kg.m/s2 1N=105 dyn) (N/m=newton pr. m)
number metric unit for thickness of yarn (nm); The number states the number x 1000 m yarn weighing 1 kg
o- ortho-
p- para-
Pa pascal, unit for pressure and tension (1Pa = 1N/m2)
spp. species lat.
specific weight weight per volume unit (specific gravity)
T tesla = 10 kilogauss (measure unit for magnetic flux density)
tex unit for the weight of a yarn calculated on the basis of grams per 1000 m yarn, e.g., 1 tex = a yarn of a length of 1000 m weighing 1 g. 1 desitex = 1tex : 10)
tonn/h tonn per hour
var. varietas lat. (varietys)
vol. volume