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Norwegian Customs in Svalbard

At the request of the Ministry of Finance, Norwegian Customs established a physical presence and control of the movement of goods in Svalbard from May 2022. This means Customs is able to control the movement of goods to and from Svalbard.

It is important to control the movement of goods, among other things to prevent cross-border crime, to ensure Norway fulfils its international obligations, and to prevent Svalbard from being used to circumvent sanctions and export controls.

Current control measures in Svalbard

Norwegian Customs currently has a customs office in Longyearbyen city centre, with customs officials who handle the control.

What happens next?

According to policy, the control of the movement of goods in Svalbard shall be developed further, and in time, this control will be as similar to the control on the mainland as possible, local considerations taken into account. This means that, in time, the movement of goods to and from Svalbard will be subject to additional obligations. Dedicated IT solutions also need to be developed.

No customs or import duties will be imposed on goods imported into the Svalbard customs territory. Formal obligations involving advance notice, notification and presentation have as of yet not been imposed.

Norwegian Customs has initiated a project for this purpose. The project can be contacted using the following e-mail address:

Read more about the mandate of Norwegian Customs here:

Norwegian Customs allocation letter for 2024:
2024-tolletaten-tildelingsbrev.pdf2024-tolletaten-tildelingsbrev.pdf (

Amendments to the Customs Act:
Prop. 70 L (2021–2022) -