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Proof of origin

The most common proofs of origin are either Movement Certificate EUR.1/EUR-MED, an invoice declaration or an invoice declaration EUR-MED. 

To obtain preferential treatment, you have to claim it by using a valid proof of origin. In the free trade agreements that Norway has entered into, it is possible to use two different certificates of origin.

Movement Certificate EUR.1 (EUR-MED)

This is a form that can be used by all exporters and has no value limit. The certificate must be completed by the exporter and must always be certified by the competent authority of the exporting country, usually the customs authorities.

The certificate is completed in one of the official languages of the countries that are part of the individual agreement, or in English.

Origin declaration

This is made on the invoice (or other commercial document) by the exporter, and shall indicate the originating status.

It is not required that the origin declaration is certified by the customs authoritites or other competent authority.

The use of origin declaration can be devided into two

  • they can be used by any exporter (only if the value of the originating products does not exceed NOK 65 000), or
  • of approved exporters (no upper value limit)

The wording in an origin declaration is the same in both cases. All agreements contain the language versions that are allowed to use in the current agreement.

For an origin declaration to be valid, there are some formal requirements that must be observed

  • It must be correctly stated on the invoice or other commercial document.
  • It must be made by the exporter.
  • A handwritten statement must be written in ink and printed letters.
  • It must be clearly stated which products that are covered or not covered by the declaration.
  • At the end of the original origin declaration, place and date must be entered unless this information appears elsewhere in the document.

It must be signed in original. The signature of the signatory shall also be recorded. Approved exporters may be exempted from the requirement to sign.

The declaration has a validity of four months. 

Please be informed that the complete formal requirements for origin declarations are found in the free trade agreements.

As an exporter, you are responsible for checking the relevant agreement and the requirements that apply. For preferential treatment under the GSP-scheme, the requirements are specified in the Customs Duty Regulations)


All issued proofs of origin can be checked after the import. If the Customs is notified by foreign customs authorities that the imported goods have no originating status, the importer will have to pay full customs duties for the goods.