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The different proofs of origin in the GSP scheme

To get preferential treatment for goods from a GSP county, they must be accompanied by a proof of origin.

The following proofs of origin can be used: 

  • Certificate of origin Form A
  • Declaration of origin
  • REX declaration of origin
  • REX replacement declaration of origin Form A for import via the EU or Switzerland


Certificate of origin Form A

This is used if the goods arrive directly from a GSP country to Norway. Each consignment must be accompanied by a Certificate of origin Form A. For customs clearance, this certificate must have been completed in and certified by a competent authority in the GSP country, and the recipient of the goods must be a Norwegian company or person. 

Transit shipments are permitted for goods that constitute a single shipment through one or more countries, including for transshipment or temporary storage. If the goods are cleared for free circulation by customs in another country, they lose their origin and you must pay full customs duties upon import into Norway. 

It is not permitted to do anything with the goods while in transit unless this is necessary to keep them in good condition (see Norwegian Customs Regulations, section 8-4-38-b).


Replacement Certificate of origin Form A

Replacement Certificate of origin Form A is no longer in use as REX replacement declaration of origin should be used.

Declaration of origin

As an alternative to a Certificate of origin Form A, a declaration of origin may be used on the invoice, delivery slip, or another commercial document. 

To use a declaration of origin, the value of the origin products in the shipment may not exceed NOK 60,000. 

The declaration must be in English or French. It can be printed, stamped, or written by machine or by hand in the document. In the latter case, the declaration must be written in ink, in block capitals. It must be signed by hand by the exporter in the relevant GSP country. 

REX declaration of origin and replacement declaration of origin

To issue a declaration of origin, the exporter must be registered with a valid REX number in the REX system. However, it is possible for unregistered exporters to issue declarations of origin for consignments of originating products whose value does not exceed EUR 6,000

If you are to export products to be used as input materials in the production of goods in a GSP country, you may use Rex declaration of origin. The exported product must be an originating product. 

"Norway cumulation" must be stasted on the declaration.

Certificates of origin are time-limited

Regardless of which proof of origin is used, it is valid for 10 months from the date of issue. 

Certificate of origin Form A must be completed in English or French in accordance with the instructions on the back of the form. If completed by hand, the form must be completed in ink, using block capitals.