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Fees and charges imposed in connection with importation and exportation

Generally no fees are charged for customs procedures in Norway.

However, fees for services rendered outside normal working hours are:

  • Clearance: NOK 240 every 30 min.
  • Control measures: Usually NOK 480 per hour, but NOK 620 between 20.00 and 06.00 (night), as well as on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and after 12.00 on the Wednesday before Maundy Thursday, on Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve.

The fee for using the customs deferred payment system is NOK 100 per month according to Section 14-20-5 of the tax payment regulation.

The Food Safety Authority has various fees in the range NOK 355 to NOK 1,660. See Annex 1 to the regulation concerning fees for special services from Food Safety Authority (Norwegian only).

In order to export fish and fish products from Norway, the exporter must be registered with the Norwegian Seafood Council AS (NSC). The annual registration fee is NOK 15,000 and is payable to the NSC.