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Export declaration

If you remove or export goods from Norway, you must always declare the goods to Norwegian Customs.

Note: An update of this article is pending. Please note that some terms and/or references may differ from the Movement of Goods Act and the Customs Duty Act that enters into force from the 1st of January 2023.

Exporters are required to make a declaration to (obtain customs clearance from) the Norwegian authorities for goods they remove from the country. Norwegian Customs checks the declaration by way of customs clearance. Once Norwegian Customs has cleared the goods, they can be sent out of the country.

Electronic declaration using TVINN

Companies that export goods often use a forwarding agent to declare the goods on their behalf. A forwarding agent is an individual or organisation that offers transport, storage, and customs declaration services, among others. Forwarding agents declare the goods electronically using Norwegian Customs’ clearance system, TVINN. The declaration from the forwarding agent and response from Norwegian Customs are both electronic. Neither the importer nor the forwarding agent needs to meet physically with Norwegian Customs to declare the goods.

Companies can choose whether to link to TVINN independently instead of using a forwarding agent.

Declaration at a customs office

It is possible to declare the goods by submitting a completed Single Administrative Document (SAD form) to Norwegian Customs. If you intend to declare the goods yourself, you must contact the customs office closest to where your company is domiciled. They will give you the necessary information regarding the clearance of goods.

Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Svalbard and Jan Mayen are considered as overseas for customs purposes. This means that you must declare goods that you export there.

Exemptions and relief from the obligation to declare

There are some exemptions and relief from the obligation to declare.

There are exemptions, for example, for:

  • means of transport and the like that are used from Norway and back to Norway again
    • if the means of transport are to remain abroad, for example by a sale, they have to be Customs cleared for export.
  • low-value professional equipment
  • luggage
  • other goods, not needing a permit for export by other authorities, whose value does not exceed NOK 5,000 per shipment

Provisional declaration

In some cases the owner of the goods may use a provisional declaration. The requirements for using a provisional declaration are strict and Norwegian Customs will consider whether these requirements have been met in each case.

Temporary export

Separate rules apply to the declaration of goods that will be exported out of Norway temporarily. In some cases you may use a ATA-Carnet.

Restrictions on goods

There are restrictions relating to certain goods. If the goods are subject to restrictions, you must always declare the goods on export, even if the goods are exempt from declaration obligations – refer to the section above.

Classification of goods

All goods are classified by a commodity code in the Customs Tariff. Any customs duty rates, taxes, charges, or restrictions are always related to this commodity code. You must state the commodity code on your declaration.