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National suppliers` declaration

Using a national suppliers` declaration, you can issue a certificate of origin for goods that are produced in Norway using parts from several subcontractors. 

Note: An update of this article is pending. Please note that some terms and/or references may differ from the Movement of Goods Act and the Customs Duty Act that enters into force from the 1st of January 2023.

You can use a national suppliers` declaration when you need to document origin for export. 

If you use a national suppliers` declaration, the finished goods must satisfy the requirements for originating products in accordance with the applicable origin rules established in the relevant free trade agreement. 

In this example, we have taken our starting point in the EEA agreement:

A bicycle is produced in Norway, where the different parts are supplied by subcontractors. 

If the parts used were produced in Norway or imported from EEA countries, this must be documented with a national suppliers` declaration for the goods produced in Norway or a certificate of origin for the EEA goods

These declarations will provide the basis allowing an EEA certificate of origin to be issued stating that the goods originate from the EEA.

If you have not produced the goods yourself, it is in your interest to ensure the necessary certification is in place, in the form of a national suppliers` declaration. This must be done before you issue the certificate of origin for the export goods.

If you issue a suppliers` declaration you assume the same requirements for documentation and storage as if you had issued Movement Certificate EUR.1 or an origin declaration.  

Completion of a national suppliers` declaration

The following text must be used:

The supplier of the products covered by this document declares that these products, unless otherwise specified, have....1) preferential origin.

(place and date)

(Supplier`s signature; also printed name of the person signing the declaration)

1) The originating status and country of origin for the products must be indicated here. In other words, whether the goods originate in Norway/EEA, or in a other country with an agreement.

The supplier declaration can be inserted on the invoice, a freight document, other trade document or on a separate writing paper. If the document as added to documents other than the invoice, reference must be made to the relevant delivery/deliveries covered by the declaration, and it must be possible to identify the goods. 

Suppliers` declaration

If full cumulation is used within the EEA agreement, a suppliers` declaration can be used. In order to use full cumulation, certain requirements must be fulfilled. The suppliers` declaration also has slightly different wording than a national suppliers` declaration.