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Approved Exporters

If you are an exporter who is familiar with the rules of origin in the free trade agreements, you may be authorized as an approved exporter. You may then issue origin declarations regardless of the value of the consignment.  

If you fulfil these conditions, you can become an approved exporter regardless of whether you export raw materials or final products: 

  • You frequently export products in accordance with the relevant free trade agreement. By "frequently export", we mean that export is a natural part of trading in your business and that export takes place regularly throughout the year. 

  • You satisfactorily provide the necessary guarantees to Norwegian Customs in order to establish the originating status of the products and that the other conditions of the origin protocol are fulfilled. 

Authorization is only granted to exporters that deal in originating goods. An exporter may be a producer, an exporter and/or a trader. You may apply for authorization to the Movement of Goods Division. 

Terms, conditions and documentation 

We require you to be familiar with the applicable rules of origin and have all the necessary documents to prove the origin of the exported goods specified in the origin declarations that you issue.  

You must have a warehousing and/or accounting system that allows the origin of the goods to be identified, whether you have produced them yourself or not. If you are both exporter and producer, you must be able to document that the production of the exported item satisfies the conditions set out in the rules of origin for the item.  

  • The company must appoint one or more people to be responsible for ensuring that the company complies with the rules of origin applicable at any given time that are set out in the individual free trade agreement the company wishes to use. 

  • The company should, at all times, have its own personnel responsible for ensuring that the origin regulations are complied with and that the company keeps itself up to date with the regulations.  

  • The company must notify Norwegian Customs immediately of any changes with regard to responsible personnel.  

  • There must be one (or more) contact persons in the company that Norwegian Customs can contact in connection with checks as well as courses and training activities.  

Preservation of proof of origin and supporting documents 

Copies of origin declarations, other export documents, certification documents and other underlying documents must be kept for five years.  

How long is the authorization valid for? 

Upon initialauthorization, there is a trial period that is normally limited to 24 months. During the trial period, your company must demonstrate to Norwegian Customs that all the conditions in the permit are met.  

If you would like to extend the authorization, you must apply for an extension no later than three months before the end of the trial period. If no application is made, the permit will automatically be withdrawn on the expiration date.  

Extended authorization is given for a period of up to five years, with the possibility of subsequent extensions.  

Norwegian Customs will monitor the use of the authorization. It may be withdrawn if you are no longer in a position to provide the necessary guarantees, the conditions are not met, or the authorization is used erroneously. Erroneously issued origin declarations may also give rise to claims for compensation from the importer, who may need to pay customs duties for the goods in such cases. 


Norwegian Customs will carry out a supervisory check (verification) of issued origin declarations.