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Counterfeited products

Counterfeited products are reproduced copies of products with a special trademark, design or patent (intellectual property rights). The import of counterfeited products  for resale is not permitted without the permission of the rights holder.

Whoever holds the right to sell/market a trademark, design or patent holds an intellectual property right. This means in practice that counterfeited products cannot be imported to Norway for commercial purposes without the permission of the rightholder.

Norwegian Customs can detain goods that are suspected of being counterfeited on their own initiative. The rightholder is notified of the matter in such cases and has ten working days to obtain a preliminary order (ruling) from the District Court. If a preliminary order is not obtained by the deadline, import of the goods may be permitted – provided no other permits or licences for the goods are lacking.

The rightholder can also contact Norwegian Customs for assistance in identifying counterfeited goods. Such inquiries can be submitted to Norwegian Customs by e-mail

TollABC customs handbook

15-1 Notice and detention of goods prior to a preliminary order

15-2 Preliminary orders

15-3 Notice etc. in the event of detention of goods after a preliminary order

15-4 Declaration in the event of detention, unpaid storage fees

15-5 Repealing of a preliminary order