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Junkerdal Customs Office (Road 77)

May 2018

 Special opening hours
17th May (National Day) and 21th May (Pentecost Monday): open (ordinary opening hours)
1st May, 10th May, 19th May and 20th May: closed

See other public holidays

 Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 08.00–23.00
Saturday: 08.00–18.00
Sunday: 13.00–23.00

 Office address
Røkland border office

Latitude: 66.75167
Longitude: 15.81947

+47 22 86 69 40

Contact information for Norwegian Customs

+47 22 86 03 12

Contact form

 Postal address
Norwegian Customs
[fill in the customs region you want to contact or the Directorate of Norwegian Customs]
Postboks 2103 Vika
0125 Oslo

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