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[Utgått]Importation of equipment related to Rally Norway 2007

The Directorate of Customs and Excise has established a close co-operation with Rally Norway related to the arrangement of WRC in Norway 2007. The rally will take place in the counties of Hedmark and Oppland, starting at Hamar.
In connection with the arrangement of WRC in Norway 2007, equipment will be imported, both to Rally Norway and to the participant teams. The Rally will take place in the counties of Hedmark and Opppland, starting at Hamar. The Directorate of Customs and Excise has established cooperation with Rally Norway in relation to the rally.
The Directorate has, in cooperation with representatives from Customs Region Oslo and Akershus and Eastern Customs Region agreed upon procedures to be used in connection with the event. The procedures for the rally in 2007, as well as for the testing, are as follows:

Equipment sent in transit through Norway to Sweden (Rally Sweden):
Before Rally Norway 2007 is taking place, a WRC Rally will be held in Sweden. The equipment will arrive in Oslo harbour and be brought to Sweden by the participating teams. The Directorate of Customs and Excise has decided that the equipment can be sent in transit through Norway if the participating teams present a list including detailed goods description to the Customs Authorities at the point of entry. The lists will be stamped and signed by the Customs. When the equipment is re-exported from Norway, the participating teams has to present the list to the Customs office of Exit, to get a stamp for re-exportation.
The Swedish Customs informs that:
“The equipment can be temporarily imported to Sweden without a deposit. When crossing the border to Sweden, a list has to be presented in two (2) copies, and the teams will have to present one to the Swedish Customs at the border when the equipment is re-exported.
The teams have to contact the customs in Eda to get an oral permission if they want to cross the border where customs is not present:
Telephone number, office- time: +4657128607. Permission can be given by the groupleaders: Stefan Uggla  or Stefan Dicksson. Enquires ca be be faxed to +4657127646.

Equipment imported by Rally Norway:
  • Temporary importation: The consignments (for example Timing Systems) have to be declared in the Norwegian import system TVINN as temporary importation. The Directorate of Customs and Excise suggest that no deposit needs to be provided for this kind of equipment. The provisions granted for the exemption from customs duty and excise is laid down in the Introductory Provisions to the Customs Tariff § 14 no. 1. The paragraph has a condition though, requiring that the equipment is owned, is imported and is used by the importer who has his or her residence outside Norway, or conducted by the importer. If the equipment is imported by the organizer, and the owner is not present while using the equipment, a customs clearance has to take place, and duties and excises have to be paid.
    Re-exportation has to be done through the customs authorities according to the current provisions.
  • Ordinary importation: Equipment imported for consumption during the arrangement or equipment which will remain in Norway after the arrangement, has to be customs cleared and duty and taxes have to be collected according to the current importation procedures.


Equipment imported in the name of the foreign participants:
( This concerns the equipment brought by the participants, and the equipment sent prior to the rally or being forwarded.)

  • The rally cars including spare parts and tools is allowed to be imported temporarily without submitting a customs declaration and without requiring a deposit for duties and excise. The provisions is laid down in the Introductory Provisions to the Customs Tariff §14 no 3, the Regulation on VAT no 12 § 4 first and second indent and the Customs regulations 5.1.11.
    It is presupposed however that lists including detailed goods description are presented to the customs at the border into Norway. Two copies of each list have to be presented to the customs to be duly approved and stamped. A copy of the lists remains at the customs office of entry, while the other copy follows the goods.
    The Norwegian customs office of entry should verify that the rally team is registered in the list of participants published under “Participants” on the website www.rallynorway.no.
    When the goods are re-exported, the lists have to be presented at the customs office of exit.
  • Fuel: The exemption from customs duty includes only the fuel which is on the fuel tank on the car while passing the Norwegian border. Fuel which is brought in separate tanks or in bulk to be filled on the fuel tank of the cars during the competition, is not allowed to be imported free of duty and excise according to the Introductory Provisions to the Customs Tariff § 14 no 3, see also the provisions regulated to travellers dated the 10 January 2003 § 4 fourth indent.
Restricted goods, like radio transmitters, food etc:
The Directorate of Customs and Excise presuppose that required licenses and permissions already are obtained from other Competent Authorities for restricted goods.
Useful addresses:
Consumer Council of Norway (Mattilsynet)
Tel. (00 47) 06 040
The Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority (Post- og Teletilsynet)
Tel. (00 47) 22 82 46 40
E-mail address: firmapost@npt.no

Equipment imported by others (sponsors etc):
Ordinary import regulations apply, and duties and taxes have to be paid.

Cars registered abroad which are driven by Norwegian citizens:
The application form RD-0036 has to be filled in, and sent to the customs region where the applicant is domiciled. See the website www.toll.no
Customs control
The Directorate of Customs and Excise points out that even though a duty and tax exemption is granted, the customs may consider to conduct examinations both on equipment and participants.

Contact to Customs Authorities:
All kind of contact to Customs Authorities regarding Rally Norway may be done at the local customs office:
Eastern Customs Region
Kongsvinger tollsted
Contact person: Tom Hauga
Tel. +47 62 82 35 00
E-mail: tom.hauga@toll.no
Customs region Oslo and Akershus
Oslo Regionstollsted
Contact person: Ivar Martin Olsen
Tel. +47 22 84 67 51
E-mail: ivar.martin.olsen@toll.no
Customs region Oslo and Akershus
Kontrollkontoret Gardermoen
Tel. +47 64 82 10 27 (evening)
Contact person: Bente Grønli
Tel. +47 64 82 10 14