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You may ask for a binding tariff information

If you are uncertain about whether the commodity code you have found is correct, you may ask Norwegian Customs for a binding tariff information of the item`s classification. 

You can do this by sending an application to the customs region where your company is registered.

Overview of customs regions

You must describe the item in detail on the application form. If necessary, you should enclose samples of the goods along with formulae, drawings, brochures or other documentation that may help with classification. You will receive a response in writing. The decision is binding for you and for the Norwegian Customs, generally for six years. Be aware that the binding tariff information is not valid for items that were processed by Customs before the decision was made.

See the form for binding tariff information

Database of previous decisions

When Norwegian Customs makes decisions regarding the classification of goods, these are also made searchable in anonymised form. You can search by item type or commodity code, and there is a tool to search for the necessary information to allow you to find the right commodity code for your item.

Search previous statements (in Norwegian only)

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